Title, Deluxe, Groin Protector Plus
Title, Deluxe, Groin Protector Plus

Boxing Gear Overview
A jock strap, also known as a jock or athletic supporter, is a type of men's undergarment designed for use in sports.

This jock strap consists of a hook and loop waistband with a banana cup and two elastic straps extending from the base of the support around the buttocks to attach to the wide waistband. Extra deep and full (banana cup) for added protection. The jock strap is made of black, synthetic leather.

About this Jock Strap with a Cup
A Jock strap with a cup is generally worn by baseball, football, lacrosse, boxers, cricket players and others participating in full-contact team sports to protect their testicles and their penis from injury and or injuries. These are a requirement in some sports such as baseball, especially for catchers. This Jock Strap is designed for mma or boxing.
  • Hook and loop enclosure

  • All the features of our Groin Protector Plus (above)with additional wrap-around protection.

  • Offers increased form-fitting wrap-around protection.

  • Helps protect kidneys, liver, groin, abdomen and hips.

  • Brand: Title

  • Model: Boxing Groin Protector Plus

  • Sizes:

    • Small recommended for users who weight up to 125 lbs. 26 - 30 inch waist

    • Medium recommended for users who weight from 125 to 150 lbs. 30 - 34 inch waist.

    • Large, for a user who weighs from 150 lbs. to heavyweight. 34 - 38 inch waist.

    • Extra large for a user who weighs a heavy weight. 38 - 44 inch waist

How to Wear a Jock Strap
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The most common way to wear a jock strap is to put it on immediately over the skin, as the bottom layer. One can wear it under a pair of compression shorts to avoid having the leg straps show if so desired. The cup goes in front, and the legs go through the leg straps. Pull the jock strap up and adjust to comfort. Some men like their penis to point directly up, others like it pointing either to the left or the right, while still others bend it forward so it points down. Having the penis pointing down in the cup is normally the most comfortable position when wearing the jock strap. Having the penis pointing down can cause problems in an erect or partially erect state however. Having the penis pointing to the side can cause hanging out the edge if it becomes erect. A lot of times the penis ends up moving and pointing to one side or the other in the jock strap while fighting; if this happens, minor readjustment may be necessary, if you are concerned about getting an erection. If you keep in mind the potential for becoming erect when wearing your jock strap you will avoid a lot of pain when your groin is attacked.

The Jock Strap's Importance
It is obviously important for you to buy a new, jock strap, even if you already have one. It could be a hazard from wear and loosening of the straps. You may not notice the weakening of the elastic straps from a simple inspection. This new, jock strap has a new, hook and loop enclosure. We warranty this jock strap for 90 days after your purchase. Do not go without this important protective gear for combat sports any longer than you have to. Buy one today.

Our Jock Strap warranty
You may return any item for an exchange if it is defective for 90 days. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear that results from the use of the jock strap. Use of our products in a manner other than that for which they were manufactured also nullifies this warranty. We are sure we will have something that can work for you if you need to send this item back

Wide Band, Jock Strap
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